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I’m Courtney, the girl behind the camera.

I'm adventurous in real life and emotional behind the camera. I'm drawn to the emotional side of a wedding video. I want your video to connect with you and hit deep. It's one of the most important days of your life after all. And I'm here to go above and beyond to make that happen. I try to pick out focal points to include in your film; those focal points being what matter most to you, your life, and your day. 

Just a few small things about me:

  • Believe it or not, I’m an avid deer hunter! This shocks a lot of people which makes me laugh.

  • If my house was on fire and I had only one outfit to save, it’d be yoga pants, a tank top and a ball cap.

  • I’m married to a team roper who is as fine as wine

  • We live in the country and own 5 horses so I would also consider myself a cowgirl lol. I rope too

  • I enjoy anything difficult and love to learn new things.

  • I don’t like roadblocks in my life and pave my own path

  • Pizza has my heart, Especially Kilroy's pizza which is a little pizza place in my town.

  • I push my husband to take risks, he helps me not be too risky. We’re a good balance

  • I’m an adventurer in that I will try (almost) anything at least once. And If I liked it, you won’t hear me shut up about it and I will devote all my time to that “thing”

That’s me in a nutshell! LETS WORK TOGETHER! 

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